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Why is my Macbook so slow? Tips to get your Macbook faster than ever!

We put together a quick system tune up you can perform at home to fix some common issues: Beach ball, pop ups, unresponsive, no disk space. Unfortunately if your Mac doesn’t boot up all the way and hangs at a grey screen, black screen, globe, or folder with a question mark these steps won’t pertain to you, and you will likely need to bring it in for service. If you have a backup drive thats even better. If you try to boot into recovery and your hard drive is failing there is a good chance you can make things worse. If that’s not your issue lets try a few things to improve your Macs performance.

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Apple dropping hardware support for older Macs... What this means for you.

Apple announced they will be reclassifying some Macs from 2010-2013 as vintage as of December 30th, 2018. Effectively terminating support through out the US with the exception of California. This is not an uncommon practice but this raises some questions as how that will affect individuals who own and rely on these computers.

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