iPhone 13 Repair: Quick Turnaround for Cracked Screen and No Power

We see our share of MacBook screens cracked because an iPhone or other smaller device is dropped on them. The classic example is that the MacBook is on the users lap with the display facing up, and the iPhone is dropped onto the open screen and cracks the MacBook.

Well this iPhone 13 had a MacBook dropped on it! This kind of ‘friendly fire’ isn’t something we see every day. The impact was so severe that the internals of the phone were visible through the damage.

Symptoms and Diagnosis: The iPhone 13 presented with its screen popping out, and it showed no signs of powering up. Our initial assessment led us to believe that the phone primarily needed a new screen and battery.

Customer’s Concern: A critical aspect of this repair was the customer’s concern about her baby’s pictures stored on the phone. It was imperative not only to repair the phone but also to ensure that these irreplaceable memories were backed up safely.

Repair Turnaround Time: We let the client know that if the screen and the battery were the only issues as we suspected, it would be done the same day… our goal was to complete the task within 2 hours.

Repair Parts and Process: For this repair, we used an iPhone 13 Soft OLED replacement screen and a certified premium replacement battery. The steps involved were:

  1. Disassembly: We carefully dismantled the iPhone, removing all parts that seemed damaged after a thorough visual inspection.
  2. Functionality Testing: We checked the phone’s functionality and reviewed the panic logs for any errors.
  3. Backup: Once we confirmed the phone’s normal operation, we proceeded with the crucial task of backing up the photographs.

Repair Observations: Despite the dramatic story of how the damage occurred, the repair process was relatively standard for our team. The real success was in managing to not only fix the physical damage but also safeguard the customer’s precious digital memories.

Conclusion: This repair underscores the importance of professional expertise in handling not just the technical aspects of a repair, but also the personal and emotional significance of the devices we fix. At MackTechs, we understand that each device holds more than just circuits and screens – it holds memories, moments, and connections that are priceless. If you’re in need of a repair, whether it’s due to unusual accidents or everyday wear and tear, our team is ready to provide quick, efficient, and sensitive service.