Our Mac repair and upgrade services go far beyond what you would expect. We fix MacBook screens, replace batteries, repair water-damaged Macs, and even refurbish logic boards! We also offer a full range of software services including malware removal, tune-ups, and data transfers.

The MackTechs Difference

Fast and Free Diagnosis

Not sure what’s wrong with your iMac or MacBook? No worries. We offer free diagnosis on all Macs. Just bring your computer to us and we’ll take it from there. You can expect to hear back from us in a day or two (although some diagnoses may take longer) with a repair quote and estimated repair time. If you require a diagnosis right away, give us a call to schedule our same-day diagnosis service.

90 Day Warranty

Our 90-day warranty provides peace of mind for our customers who use us to repair their Macs. It ensures that our service will work as advertised and that we will stand behind our work if there are any problems.

Serving the Philadelphia Region

We are proud to help Philadelphia professionals work at the highest level by upgrading or repairing their Mac or MacBook they can’t do their job without. Our customers include DJs, photographers, graphic designers, software engineers, and of course business owners of all kinds from all over Manayunk and the entire Philadelphia region.

Component Level Repair

We offer component-level screen repairs as well as component-level logic board repairs! We are able to replace just the broken component rather than replace the entire assembly. This allows us to offer repairs at a lower price than most competitors. It also allows us to keep stock of the parts we need to complete the repair faster than if we needed to order entire assemblies for the repair process.

MacBook Repair Services

We specialize in repairing Apple MacBooks. Whether you have a MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro we are your one-stop shop for repairs, upgrades, and peripherals.

MacBook Pro with cracked screen.

MacBook Screen Repair

Battery Replacement

Hard Drive Replacement

Keyboard & Trackpad

Logic Board Repair

MacBook Screen Repair

If your MacBook needs screen repair, we can help! We are MacBook screen repair experts and can help you get your device repaired quickly. We are one of the few shops to offer component-level Mac screen repair services (including FlexGate repair and Dust Gate repair), saving you time and money on your repair needs. Our Mac screen replacement service is available for the older 2008 models, all the way up to the brand new Macs.

*Due to COVID 19 Macbook Screen Repair Rates are constantly changing due to supply constraints and shipping costs. Please contact us with your Mac’s serial number for exact pricing.

M2 MacBook Air 2022

MacBook Air Screen Repair

  1. Affordable Expertise: Save hundreds with our component-level repair approach. Unlike costly full-display replacements, we target the specific issue, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.
  2. Swift Turnaround: Our services are designed to get you back to work faster. With our efficient process, your repaired MacBook Air will be in your hands quicker than most other repair centers can manage.
  3. Friendly Techs: Our team of skilled technicians not only brings technical expertise but also a friendly approach. We understand the importance of your device and ensure it’s handled with the utmost care and professionalism.
  4. Flexible Options: We offer convenience through both mail-in and in-shop options. If visiting our shop isn’t feasible, simply mail in your MacBook Air, and we’ll swiftly diagnose, repair, and return it to you.
M1 MacBook Pro A2338

MacBook Pro Screen Repair

  1. Affordable Excellence: Our component-level repair approach means savings of hundreds of dollars compared to full display replacements. Experience top-tier repair without the hefty price tag.
  2. Fast Restoration: We prioritize quick turnarounds. Our efficient process ensures your MacBook Pro is repaired and back in your hands faster than the competition.
  3. Expertise: Our friendly technicians have years of technical experience repairing Mac screens. Your MacBook Pro will be in skilled hands.
  4. Options that Suit You: Choose between convenient mail-in or in-shop service. Can’t make it to our location? Mail in your MacBook Pro, and we’ll handle the rest swiftly and securely.
Dust Gate issue on MacBook Pro

Flexgate and Dust Gate Repair

Is your MacBook Pro suffering from the ‘stage lighting’ effect at the bottom of the screen, or does the screen go dark when you open the display all the way? Don’t let the Flexgate issue hinder your productivity. Our skilled technicians are experts in addressing this display issue. We’ll replace the faulty flex cable with a more durable and longer-lasting alternative, restoring even backlighting and eliminating flickering for good.

Battery Replacement

We only use certified batteries for our Macbook repairs ensuring there is no damage to your device. Inexpensive replacement batteries in most cases lack the protective hardware components designed to keep your Macbook safe from Voltage fluctuations. Always stick to original or certified replacement batteries when you repair any of your Apple products.

Please note some repair prices are subject to change without notice, please call to confirm pricing. Not all models may be listed.

MacBook Air Battery Replacement

Does your MacBook Air need more battery life? Get a MacBook Air battery replacement fast with our certified batteries. We can generally complete the repair within 1 day of receiving your computer. We do special order these batteries, so please make sure to make an appointment before bringing your computer in.

  • Affordable
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Friendly Techs
  • Flexible Options

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

If you have noticed your MacBook Pro doesn’t the battery life it once did, it might be time for a battery replacement. We offer fast MacBook Pro battery replacement, with a 24 hour turnaround. Contact us before bringing your computer in so we can have the part we need on order and ready when you arrive.

  • Affordable
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Friendly Techs
  • Flexible Options

Hard Drive Replacement

If your MacBook has a replaceable hard drive, we can replace a bad or slow drive with a new, faster hard drive. With files taking up more and more space these days, we can also swap out a small SSD with a larger SSD so you have more capacity available on your Mac. If you are not sure what you need and want to discuss your upgrade options, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Please note some repair prices are subject to change without notice, please call to confirm pricing. Not all models may be listed.

Non-Retina MacBook/MacBook ProPriceMacBook Air 2013-2017, Retina MacBook ProPrice
2008-2012 (250GB SSD Hard Drive)$200 +taxMacBook Air 2013-2017 (Market Pricing)$149-$299
2008-2012 (500GB SSD Hard Drive)$240 +taxRetina MacBook Pro 2013-2015 (Market Pricing)$149-$299
2008-2012 (1,000GB/1TB SSD Hard Drive)$299 +taxMacBook Pro A1708 2016/2017 (Market Pricing)$199-$399

Keyboard Replacement

If your Mac laptop has a keyboard that is not working properly, we can help! Keyboard replacement is most commonly required after some sort of water damage has occurred. The most classic symptoms of a failing keyboard on a MacBook are some of the keys not working or some keys causing multiple characters to show up when pressed.

Whatever the issue is with your MacBook or MacBook Pro keyboard, we can help you get it repaired and back to functioning at 100% again.

Please note some repair prices are subject to change without notice, please call to confirm pricing. Not all models may be listed.

M2 MacBook Air 2022

MacBook Air Keyboard Services

  • Affordable
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Friendly Techs
  • Flexible Options
M1 MacBook Pro A2338

MacBook Pro Keyboard Services

  • Affordable
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Friendly Techs
  • Flexible Options

Trackpad Replacement

MacBooks can have issues with their trackpads out of the blue, or after water damage. The most common symptoms of a failing trackpad are the pointer moving around when you are not touching the trackpad. Another common issue is the click functionality not working as expected. We offer trackpad replacements for the MacBook, Macbook Air, and MacBook Pro models.

Most Apple trackpad replacements are able to be completed within 24 hours once we have the part in stock. Please contact us to check stock availability or have any questions you have answered.

Please note some repair prices are subject to change without notice, please call to confirm pricing. Not all models may be listed. We are working to add more updated pricing.

MacBook Logic Board Repair

We are one of the few shops to offer component-level logic board repair for MacBook laptops. The logic board is one of the most expensive components inside your MacBook, so if it stops working properly, the cost to replace the part can sometimes be close to the value of the computer. With our component-level logic board repair services, we replace just the components that are bad on the motherboard, saving you $100’s.

Our logic board repair services are available for MacBooks that have just stopped working or that have been liquid damaged. Liquid-damaged logic board repair is one of our most common board repair services. We have a no repair, no charge guarantee, so bring your computer in for our logic board repair service before paying a ton for a logic board replacement.

MacBook ModelPrice*
MacBook Pro 2008-2012 (Non-Retina)$250-$300 +tax
MacBook Air 2010-2017 (Non-Retina)$250-$300 +tax
MacBook 12″ 2015-2017 (Retina)$250-$350 +tax
MacBook Pro 2013-2015 (Retina)$250-$350 +tax
MacBook Pro 2016-2018 (w/ Touch Bar)$299-$399 +tax
MacBook Pro 13″ (2020)$299-$399 +tax

*In some cases the logic board is not repairable in which case a replacement logic board can be ordered. Prices vary and will likely cost more than the above quoted rates for your specific model. Rates will also vary for liquid damage repair services as there can be more parts affected by the damage than just the logic board.

Liquid Damage Repair

There are a lot of things that can fail during a liquid damage spill. We offer liquid damage repair for all model MacBooks. Here are a couple of examples where we were able to repair a liquid-damaged Macs.

MacBook Air No Power

MacBook Pro No Wifi

MacBook Air No Keyboard


We specialize in repairing Apple desktop computers. Whether you have an iMac, Mac mini, or Mac Pro, we are your one-stop shop for repairs, upgrades, and peripherals.

iMac on the work bench with display removed.

iMac Hard Drive Upgrade

iMac SSD Upgrade

iMac Screen Repair

iMac Cleaning Service

iMac Logic Board Repair

iMac Hard Drive Replacement

Flashing folder with a question mark? Waiting forever for things to open? Seeing the spinning wheel of death? These can all be symptoms of a hard drive that is failing. We can replace the hard drive in your Mac with a new one or even upgrade it to a solid state drive.

Startup disk full? We can upgrade the capacity of your hard drive as well! Storing more data internally is possible with a larger capacity hard drive installed in your iMac.

iMac SSD upgrade

Looking to speed up your Mac? Upgrading your standard hard drive to a solid state drive will give your Mac the speed boost it needs. Our SSD replacement upgrades are high quality and will help your computer be better than new.

The 21″ iMac model is one of our favorites to upgrade with a solid state drive. The standard hard drive Apple used in this model is notoriously slow, so by upgrading to a fast and modern SSD, you will see a massive improvement in speed during general use.

iMac Screen Repair

If your iMac took some damage to the screen, we can help by replacing the display panel! Our fast service gets your iMac back up and running quickly so you can start work again right away.

We recommend bringing your iMac in for a free diagnosis if you think you need screen repair. Sometimes whatever caused the screen to break can cause a dent or a bend in the housing. It is important we check for any dents or bends before ordering and installing a replacement display.

iMac Cleaning Service

iMacs tend to get a little dusty inside after a few years of use. We offer the service of opening your iMac up to thoroughly clean it. Removing the buildup of dust and debris from inside your iMac will help it run cooler and more efficiently. We also test the fans during the process to verify they are running as they should.

iMac Logic Board Repair

It is less common for an iMac to need a logic board repair. The main reason for this is that water damage is not very likely on iMacs. But there are times when your iMac might need a board repair and if that is the case we are here to help.


We don’t just specialize in repairing Apple hardware issues, we also specialize in Software troubleshooting and repair. Tune-ups, Malware removal (including viruses and adware popups), Apple ID recovery, and macOS upgrades are some examples of the software repair services we offer.

MacBook Pro laptop
Software Service  Price
Software Tune-up (Faster Mac), OS X Upgrade, and Physical Cleaning$120.00 +tax
Malware Removal Only (Guaranteed for 90 days)$90.00 +tax
Tune-up, Malware & Fan Cleaning$120.00 +tax
Apple ID Account Recovery$90.00 +tax
1 Year Anti-Malware Subscription Add-On$30 +tax

Please note some repair prices are subject to change without notice, please call to confirm pricing.
Updated Jan 21st, 2022.