iPhone 7 Data Recovery

When you think about what device has the most important data on it, it just might be your iPhone 7. Between the family photos, 1000’s of messages and texts, health data, notes, voice memos, the list is endless. When you have a problem with your iPhone 7 and you don’t have a backup of the latest information you need, we can help with a data recovery service!

There are more and more shops popping up that advertise iPhone data recovery services. While having options is great, it is very important to pick a shop that has the expertise and years of experience to be able to safely recover the data from your iPhone 7. We have seen cases where shops do not know the intricacies of iPhone data recovery and have caused further issues when attempting a recovery.

At MackTechs, we have been in business since 2014, and have a track record of success with all kinds of data recovery, including iPhone data recovery. You can trust us.

Bring your iPhone in for our free data recovery diagnosis, or if you are out of the area, you can mail it to us.

iPhone 7 Data Recovery Service $149-499

iPhone 7 Data Recovery Options

Our clients often share their experiences while searching for trustworthy iPhone 7 data recovery services. It’s a path riddled with misconceptions and misinformation. Let’s address some common myths and provide clarity based on our experience.

Myth 1: Software Fixes as a Magic Solution A prevalent notion is that software updates or restores can magically grant access to data. This is a misconception. In fact, updating or restoring your iPhone without a prior backup can lead to permanent data loss. The key here is caution: avoid any updates or restores until your data is securely backed up.

Myth 2: “The Data is Irrecoverable” Many clients come to us disheartened, having been told by Apple or even other recovery shops that their data is beyond recovery. While it’s true that some cases are beyond help, we’ve successfully retrieved important data from numerous devices labeled as “unrecoverable” by others. It’s crucial to pick the right data recovery shop to work on your device.

Myth 3: Risk of Further Damage by Other Shops There’s a kernel of truth in the warning that some repair shops can do more harm than good, especially in the delicate realm of data recovery. This is why choosing the right professional is vital. If you’re reading this, you’re likely already diligent in your search. Our stellar reviews stand as a testament to our reliability and expertise in handling such sensitive tasks.

Myth 4: DIY Data Recovery The suggestion that data recovery is a simple DIY task is misleading. Friends or acquaintances with limited experience might underestimate the complexity of these scenarios. While some cases might appear straightforward, like a faulty port or a broken display, unprofessional attempts often turn manageable situations into irreparable ones. We cannot stress enough the importance of professional intervention when it comes to safeguarding precious data.

In the intricate and often misunderstood field of iPhone data recovery, it’s essential to navigate with knowledge and caution. At Macktechs, we not only offer skilled data recovery services but also aim to educate and guide our clients through these challenging situations. Remember, when it comes to recovering your valuable data, expertise and experience are your best allies. Reach out to us for professional, reliable service that respects the value of your data and the trust you place in us.

iPhone data recovery cost

The cost of data recovery can vary significantly, influenced largely by the complexity of the task and the choice of service provider. In this landscape of diverse pricing and services, making an informed decision is crucial.

  • At MackTechs, we pride ourselves on being a top choice for all iPhone data recovery, including the iPhone 7. Our service costs range from $149 to $499, depending on the nature of the problem. We believe in offering a balance of affordability and expert service.
  • It’s important to note that Apple does not provide data recovery services. When sending your device for repair, you are typically required to consent to potential data erasure during the process. Therefore, if your data is precious, Apple’s repair service is not a good option.
  • Drivesavers is often recommended for iPhone data recovery. Their pricing, as per our clients’ experiences, ranges from $800 to $4000. While they are a recognized name in the industry, we’ve often provided successful recoveries at more affordable rates where they couldn’t.
  • Rossmann Repair Group is known for their expertise. They offer data recovery services starting at $300, going up to about $650. They are a solid choice.
  • Another reputable option in the market is iPadRehab, with recovery costs between $300 and $600. They are known for their efficient service in a range of complex recovery scenarios.
  • Finally STS Telecom offers a wide range of prices from $300 to $800, Jason is the head tech there and does excellent work.

At MackTechs, we offer the best value for iPhone 7 data recovery with our affordable service. We understand the value of your data and strive to offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our service. Whether you choose us or another reputable provider, remember that expertise, success rate, and your budget are key factors in making the right decision.

You do not have to have an appointment to bring your iPhone by our shop. We also offer the repair nationwide via our mail-in service.

iPhone 7 Data Recovery Case Study

The client discovered MackTechs through a Google search, seeking a reliable solution for their malfunctioning iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 opened with liquid damage present

Device Overview:

  • Model: iPhone 7
  • Presenting Issue: The device was unresponsive, displaying no signs of power, failing to draw current when plugged in, and showing a blank screen.
  • Client’s Need: Retrieval of critical information from the device.

Initial Diagnosis: Upon examination, significant liquid damage was found inside the iPhone. The extent of the damage suggested that the device had been submerged in water, leading to its failure to power on.

Although this device appeared to be a pretty standard data recovery task for us, the client’s urgent need for the data added an extra layer of complexity to the situation.

Quoted Turnaround Time: The repair was estimated to take 3-5 business days, allowing for thorough diagnostic and the recovery processes.

Tools Utilized in Repair:

  • Amp meter
  • Multimeter
  • Benchtop DC Power Supply System (DCPS)
  • Hot air station
  • Micro pencil soldering iron

Repair Process:

  1. Logic Board Removal: We started by carefully removing the logic board from the iPhone 7.
  2. Damage Assessment: All thermal transfer tape was peeled back to thoroughly inspect the extent of the liquid damage, which was mainly concentrated at the bottom of the logic board.
  3. Component Repair: The team meticulously replaced damaged components and cleaned all corrosion. The primary technical challenge was resolving a VDD_Main short circuit, a typical issue in liquid damage cases.

Outcome: The client had feared a total loss of their data, but we successfully recovered all their data! We were able to perform a full backup of the iPhone, so all data was intact.

Conclusion: This case study demonstrates the expertise and precision required in smartphone data recovery, especially on an iPhone 7 with liquid damage. Our commitment to thorough diagnosis, careful repair, and understanding the emotional value of the data underscores the importance of professional intervention in such scenarios. This successful data recovery safeguarded the client’s valuable data, reinforcing MackTechs’ reputation as a trusted provider in tech repair and data recovery services.

Repairing the iPhone Issue Yourself

As we have already emphasized, the process of data recovery from an iPhone 7 demands considerable expertise and experience in micro-soldering. We strongly advise against attempting this kind of repair if you are not highly skilled and confident in your micro-soldering capabilities. Board-level recovery carries a substantial risk of inflicting irreversible damage to the device, making the recovery of data even more challenging, if not impossible. It’s a task best left to professionals who specialize in such intricate procedures.

iPhone 7 Data Recovery In Philly

Our affordable iPhone 7 recovery service is available at our shop here in Philadelphia. We also offer the repair nationwide if you would like to mail your computer in for repair

Our fast turnaround and component-level repair options make us the best choice for iPhone repair and recovery services. You can come by anytime with your MacBook or iPhone for a free diagnosis, or you contact us for a quote over the phone on what you need to be fixed.