iPad Screen Repair Prices

The cost of repairing an iPad screen varies based on the model of the iPad and the issue with the screen. In this article we will discuss the different types of iPad screen damage, how to find the model number of your iPad, the cost to repair the screen on an iPad through the Apple Store, the cost to repair the screen through us, and finally DIY advice.

If you need your iPad repaired and are nearby Philidelphia, come on by our shop! If you are further away, we offer a mail-in service for iPad repair.

Different types of iPad screen repair damage

The display on an iPad is made up of a few different components including the LCD and glass panel. The type of screen repair needed will depend on what is broken on the iPad screen.

What causes the screen to break

What causes an iPad screen to crack? Usually, the iPad screen cracks after some sort of physical trauma. Drops and hits are the most common causes of a cracked screen on an iPad.

Most of the iPad screen repairs we see are cracked glass, but sometimes we will see iPads with cracked LCDs as well.

Another reason you may need screen repair on your iPad is if the LCD panel has failed on its own. This is rare, but sometimes the LCD panel will stop working without any physical damage.

Damaged Glass

When you have damaged glass on an iPad screen it looks like your iPad has a cracked windshield. You can see that the image is not distorted at all, but the glass over the top of the image is cracked.

You can sometimes continue using your iPad with a cracked glass panel, but other times the touch portion of the screen will stop working properly and the iPad will not be usable without repair.

Can the glass on an iPad be replaced?

The glass on an iPad can be replaced on its own! There are some tools and expertise needed to complete the repair. The cost of replacing just the glass panel is generally quite a bit lower than fixing the device through the Apple Store.

Damaged LCD

The LCD panel is the part of the screen that displays the image. It is located just under the glass panel on the iPad.

How do you know if your iPad LCD is broken?

You know your iPad LCD is broken when the image on the screen appears distorted. If there are colored lines on the screen, or the image shows splotches of black, you have an issue with your iPad LCD panel.

Can the LCD on an iPad be replaced?

The LCD panel on an iPad can be replaced. The process of removing the glass in order to replace the LCD panel is somewhat involved, but it is possible.

Finding the Model of your iPad

Finding out what model of iPad you have by opening settings/about can be difficult if you can’t see the screen. Our favorite way of finding the model number on an iPad is to turn it over and look at the model number on the back cover. Usually, the model number is printed toward the bottom of the back cover.

How can I tell which generation iPad I have?

Once you know what the model number is, you can find the generation of the iPad by looking at this Apple webpage.

Apple Store iPad Repair Services

Apple charges a flat rate for iPad repairs depending on the model of your iPad. If you have AppleCare+ (which you can check to see if you do at Apple’s check coverage page ), then the cost for any iPad repair is a flat rate of $49. If you do not have AppleCare+, you are looking at a range of $179-799 for screen repair. Again, the cost of the repair depends on the model of the iPad you have.

Why is iPad Air screen replacement so expensive at the Apple Store? iPad Screen repair is so expensive at the Apple Store because they often times replace the entire device with a refurbished device instead of repairing the issue on your iPad.

Because they have a flat rate for repair, the Apple Store charges the same amount for screen repair as it does for liquid damage that destroyed the entire device. For this reason, it is easier for them to process the broken iPad in for later refurbishing, and provide you with an iPad that has already been refurbished.

Can I buy AppleCare after damage?

Unfortunately, you can not buy AppleCare after damage. AppleCare+ must be purchased within the first 60 days after buying your device, and when purchasing AppleCare+ at the Apple Store they will ask to inspect the device for damage.

Does Apple replace with new or refurbished?

Apple replaces most devices with refurbished units. There are times when they will be replaced with a new device, but it is rare. Almost always you will receive a refurbished replacement device.

iPads in particular Apple replaces with refurbished units instead of completing any repairs at the store. The damaged device is shipped back to Apple for refurbishing, and a replacement device that has already been refurbished is given to you.

How long does it take Apple to fix a cracked screen?

Apple usually quotes 5 business days for iPad screen repair turnaround for a mail-in repair. In practice, they usually have the mail-in repairs completed within about 2 days. If you go by an Apple store for the repair service, they will usually complete the swap out right then, or you may have to wait 1-2 days for a replacement unit to arrive.

MackTechs iPad Screen repair services

Unlike Apple, we replace just the part that is broken on your iPad. Each iPad model has different parts and different prices, so our price for iPad screen repair varies by model number.

You can view our pricing on our iPad repair service page.

What kind of parts do we use? We get asked a lot if the parts we use are Apple genuine parts or not. This requires a bit of an explanation. Basically, we use the same parts Apple uses when they make the iPad, but because they don’t sell the parts individually, we are not able to source them from Apple. We have to source from the factories that Apple buys the parts from. This means the parts are not “genuine Apple parts” because we are not buying them from Apple. But they are the same parts that Apple uses. We don’t use aftermarket parts unless you choose to go that cheaper route.

How long does it take to repair a cracked iPad screen? It takes a few hours for us to repair your cracked iPad screen. We keep all the parts we need in stock to help provide the quickest turnaround possible on your repair.

DIY iPad screen repair

How can I fix my cracked screen? The process of fixing your cracked iPad screen includes removing the damaged panel, purchasing a new panel, and installing it. The process is difficult enough that we do not recommend doing it yourself unless you have some electronic repair experience.

How do you change an iPad screen? We have created a short video showing the process for one of our repairs. This video gives a good idea of what is involved in replacing an iPad screen, but note that the process does change some depending on the model iPad being repaired.

How long does it take to repair a cracked iPad screen? It takes a few hours to repair a cracked iPad screen if you have experience with repairs. If it is your first time attempting a repair, I recommend setting aside an entire day so you are not rushed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to repair an iPad?

The usefulness of the iPad and the cost of the repair will dictate if a repair is worth the investment. Some iPads have become so outdated they are no longer useful. This is especially true for older iPad models that Apple no longer offers the latest iOS updates to be installed. If the iPad in need of repair has not yet limited your ability to utilize the iPad to its full potential, then a repair is likely worth the cost since upgrading will usually cost a considerable amount more than the average repair price. Finally it is important to consider the trade-in value of a damaged iPad as well. Some customers find that their best option is to trade their iPad in to us for cash or store credit to buy one of our iPads available for sale in store.

Is it better to get your iPad fixed or buy a new one?

The cost of the average iPad repair is much less than the cost of even the most basic brand new iPad Apple sells. However the decision to get an iPad repaired or buy a new one often comes down to the limitations older iPads will begin to exhibit as they age. Older iPads that can no longer be updated to the latest iOS will not be able to download most apps and may perform common tasks sluggishly. When this begins to occur, purchasing a new, used or refurbished iPad from MackTechs is probably the best option.

How much does it cost to fix an iPad screen?

The cost of an iPad screen repair depends on the iPad model, iPad Pro models and newer models generally cost more for repair than older or entry level iPad models. While each screen repair rate varies based on the iPad model and the extent of the damage, the general range for an iPad screen repair is $100-$300.

How much does it cost to replace an iPad Pro 11 screen?

Cracked glass screen repair is $249 for the iPad Pro 11 screen.

Does Apple repair iPads for free? Does Apple cover cracked screens?

Apple does not offer free iPad repairs for cracked screens. If you have AppleCare+, Apple will cover part of the repair cost, but you are still responsible for a $49 payment. If you do not have AppleCare+, you will be responsible for the full repair cost.

Can I replace my iPad screen myself?

While it is possible for anybody to repair an iPad screen, it is not recommended that users replace their own iPad screen. There are several reasons we recommend not attempting self-repair. First and foremost if you have no experience repairing iPads or similar devices it is very likely you will cause additional damage the first time you attempt an iPad repair. iPads are very intricate and without knowledge of what could potentially go wrong during a repair or where sensitive cables are located, an attempt to save a few dollars by doing a self-repair could end up costing you hundreds more than paying a professional to repair the device if you end up having to purchase a replacement iPad. On top of potential repair complications, finding a high quality replacement part for your iPad may prove to be even more difficult than the repair itself. Not only can low-quality or incorrect parts damage your iPad, more often than not these parts don’t work at all. One of the biggest scams we see in this industry are users trying to fix their own iPhone or iPad purchasing a “screen” online that does not actually work and/or will not be able to be installed at all. With all that said, we highly recommend you hire a professional to repair your iPad screen next time it breaks.

How long is an iPad under warranty?

The limited warranty that comes with the iPad is a 1 year warranty. Keep in mind this limited warranty does not cover cracked screens. If you purchase AppleCare, cracked screens are partially covered with you needing to pay $49.

How much does it cost to repair an iPad Pro screen?

Most iPad Pro screen repairs are in the $250-350 range. The price of the repair depends on the exact model and extent of the damage to the screen.

Which iPads are still supported in 2022?

The iPads that are still supported with the newest software in 2022 are the iPad Air from the 5th Generation up, iPad Mini from the 5th generation up, and all the iPad Pro models.

Will a cracked screen get worse?

Cracked glass on an iPad will usually get worse with time and use and if the LCD has been damaged it could potentially fail completely at any time.

How do I know if my iPad is still under warranty?

To find out if your iPad is still under warranty, use Apple’s check warranty page.

What can you do with a broken iPad screen?

If you have cracked glass on your iPad and don’t want to have it repaired, you can put tape over the crack to help protect your fingers from being cut by the broken glass. If you plan to continue to use the iPad it is recommended that you get the screen repaired as soon as possible. The biggest risk you face having a cracked screen is that liquid can now easily penetrate the glass and could potentially completely destroy your iPad if it comes in contact with the motherboard.

Does toothpaste fix cracked screens?

Toothpaste does not fix cracked screens. The only thing toothpaste will do is potentially damage your device further and make a mess. Never put toothpaste on a cracked screen.

Can you put a screen protector on a cracked screen?

Yes, you can put a screen protector on a cracked screen and in some cases it will be very beneficial as it will cover the cracks and ideally avoid shattered glass from getting in your fingers or falling onto your lap while using the device. A few things to note about applying a screen protector to an already cracked screen is, for one, it may leave air bubbles in the screen protector where the cracks in the screen are located, this creates air gaps between the screen protector and the screen and may lead to the touch screen not functioning properly. Additionally many users often think that adding a screen protector will help protect the screen from cracking more, however this is generally not true and even with a screen protector installed the cracked screen will only continue to get worse.

Can you sell your broken iPad?

Yes you absolutely can sell your broken iPad. We buy iPads in any condition and offer to pay cash or store credit so you can use your trade-in credit to get a new, used, or refurbished iPad from us.

How long should an iPad last?

The useful life of an iPad depends on how the device is used and/or abused and the output demands of the user. Some users feel that their iPad is out of date and can’t keep up with their demands only a year or two after purchasing. While others users find that their iPad is still able to meet their needs long after Apple stops supporting software updates. Therefore the useful life of an iPad will differ from user to user. When it comes to extending the life of an iPad for those users who want to get the most out of their iPads, a battery replacement will often prove to extend the useful life, make the iPad perform better on a daily basis as well since batteries will affect the speed and performance of your iPad.