Mail-in iPad Repair – Available Nationwide

Offering convenient mail-in service so you can take advantage of our affordable iPad repair by expert technicians.


If you have broken an Apple product in the past, you know that getting a quality repair can be very expensive. It can also be difficult to find repair technicians that provide Apple iPad repair services that truly know what they are doing. Getting an iPad back that is supposed to be repaired but has issues after the repair can be common with lower quality, cheaper repair services.

We offer quality iPad repair services that are affordable. Our repairs are completed by technicians with years of experience and literally thousands of repairs under their belts.

Highest quality parts used for repair

1-year warranty on all our iPad services

Technicians with years of experience

Quick turnaround with parts kept in stock

Easy mail-in process for iPad repair


If your iPad is broken, we can fix it! Whether it is a broken screen, bad battery, failed power port, or something else, we offer quick and easy mail-in repair for your iPad.

Screen Repair

Cracked glass repair is our number-one iPad repair service. We have completed thousands of iPad glass repairs and are truly experts in screen replacement. Get your damaged screen replaced with the highest-quality glass panels available.

Battery Replacement

As batteries age, they start to die quicker than usual. An iPad with a failing battery may start to shut off randomly or the battery percentage will begin to jump around. Like iPhones and MacBooks, the batteries in the iPads will often expand and can break the glass and/or LCD from inside the iPad.

Damaged Charge Port Fix

Damage to your iPad’s charging port can cause all kinds of trouble. They can become damaged from debris entering the port, liquid damage, or plugging in the wrong cable. We can replace the bad port with a new one at a fraction of the price that you get quoted through the Apple Store.

iPad Data Recovery

If your iPad has stopped working but you need important data recovered from it, we are experts in data recovery and can work on getting your data back safe and sound. Note we are not able to recover data that has been deleted or recover data from an iPad that has been restored.

We can recover data from an iPad that has been liquid-damaged, damaged in a fall, or just stopped working.


Enjoy the repair process.

We understand that when you need a repair service it is because something went wrong. We make the repair process easy for you with our friendly customer service.

Keep your data.

The data on your iPad is what makes the iPad special to you. We don’t just replace your iPad with a refurbished one, we actually repair the screen on your iPad, allowing you to keep your important data.

Keep more of your money.

Our services are designed to minimize waste. By only replacing the broken components in your iPad, we are able to pass substantial savings onto you.

Repairs done right the first time.

You don’t want a brand new technician completing the repair on your iPad. There is a skill set needed to repair these tablets properly. We have technicians with a minimum of 5 years of experience who have completed hundreds or thousands of iPad repairs during their careers.

Get your iPad back quickly.

iPads can provide you with functionality that is sorely missed when they are down for the count. We understand the importance of getting your iPad repaired and back to you as soon as possible.

Our service is available nationwide.

Some areas don’t have good options for iPad repair, and that’s where our mail-in service comes in. We are able to offer all our iPad repair services nationwide by having the device mailed to us for repair.



Fast Turnaround

Get your iPad repair completed quickly by pros.

Affordable Repair Services

Don’t let the broken iPad repair break the bank. We can help repair your tablet and save you money.

Component-level Part Replacement

We don’t swap out the entire device like Apple does. We fix the issue present on your device.

Friendly Service

We love helping people with their iPads and look forward to helping you.

1-Year Warranty

Industry-leading 1-year warranty for all our Apple iPad repair services. Compare that to the 90-day warranty you get at other shops (including the Apple Store).

Expert Technicians

Our techs have dealt with thousands of cracked screens, broken ports, bad batteries, and other damage on Apple iPad devices. We truly are experts.

How do I pack the iPad to ship it to you for repair?

To avoid additional damage during shipping it is important that every device sent to MackTechs is packaged properly by following our shipping preparation guidelines. While the cost of shipping damage may be covered by the shipping insurance, the additional time without your device and potential loss of data is irreplaceable.

Before Shipping
Backup your device! Be safe, not sorry. Items can be lost or damaged in transit. While shipping insurance may cover your financial losses, delicate data such pictures, videos, recordings, documents, notes and other personal or creative data is irreplaceable. Please take a few minutes to backup your device. There are several options for backing up depending on the device and amount of data stored.

General Shipping Rules
Free Space – Allow for at least 1-inch of free space on all sides of the device when placed inside the box. This “free space” will be filled with bubble wrap or other cushioning material before shipping, allowing your device to fit snugly into the box.
No Empty Space – Avoid empty spaces. Shake the box to make sure the device is not wiggling around.
No Accessories – Do not send chargers or other accessories unless specifically instructed to do so.
No Cases – Remove any case or cover from your device prior to shipping. Screen Protectors are perfectly fine to leave on your device.

How to Pack an iPad
1. Power the iPad off.
2. Ensure your box offers an inch of free space on all sides of the device prior to adding bubble wrap.
3. Avoid empty spaces by adding more bubble wrap or other cushioning material to your box.
4. If available, place a “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” sticker on the top to alert the carriers of the delicate nature of your box’s contents.
5. Print your label, securely apply it to the top of your box and ship with the selected carrier.

Another option is to take your iPad into a mailing store and pay them to pack it for you. We do not recommend using plastic bags, towels, or newspaper as packing material.

Start Mail-in iPad Repair

Fill out this mail-in form to get the iPad repair process started. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call: (215) 914-5775


How long does an iPad mail in repair take?

iPad mail in repair takes 5-7 business days on average. It usually takes 2-3 days for the device to arrive for repair, another 2 days for the repair to be completed, and then another 2-3 days for the device to make its way back to you. If you need the repair completed faster, we do offer expedited repair services for an additional fee. When you pay for an expedited repair we will ship it back to you the same day we receive it.

Do I need to backup my data before sending my iPad in for repair?

We will not be erasing or restoring your device (unlike the Apple store) without your explicit permission. With that being said, we always recommend having a backup of all your important data. Valuable data should be in two to three places at all times. Always keep your important files backed up!

How do I find out how much the repair will cost?

You can find a lot of the pricing here on our website, but if you want a quick quote you can fill out our free quote form, or give us a call! We are happy to provide you with a quote to get your iPad repaired.

Are your Apple iPad Repairs done in store?

Yes, our iPad repairs are done here in our shop. We do not outsource the repair services and they are completed by our expert technicians.

Why are your prices so much lower than Apple’s?

Apple charges a flat fee for a damaged iPad. This higher fee allows them to swap out the iPad rather than fix the issue with your iPad. Sometimes this flat fee can be a good deal (if the iPad has major issues on multiple components), but normally the flat fee is more expensive than it needs to be considering the damage on the device.

Do you offer a price match guarantee?

We do not offer a price match guarantee, because we use high quality parts and have experts working on the devices. A lot of the lower priced services are skimping on the parts, or paying an inexperienced tech less to complete the repair. We believe the value in our repair services makes our price a good deal.