iPhone 12 Mini Data Recovery

Our iPhones hold some of our most important data these days. Family photos, notes, messages, health data, the list is endless. When you have a problem with your iPhone 12 mini and you don’t have a backup of the latest information you need, we can help with a data recovery service!

There are more and more shops popping up that advertise iPhone data recovery services. It is very important to pick a shop that has the expertise and years of experience to be able to safely recover the data from your iPhone 12 mini. We have been in business since 2014, and have a track record of success. You can trust us with your irreplaceable data.

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iPhone 12 Mini Data Recovery $149-499

iPhone 12 mini Data Recovery Options

Clients often tell us about their search for data recovery services, and there are a few common things they hear that are not always true about iPhone 12 mini data recovery.

  1. “Software fixes will let you get to your data”. When people have an issue with their iPhone and they check with their local shop or Apple, they are often told to try updating or restoring the phone in order to get access to their data. This is not correct. If you are having issues with your phone, it is important to not restore or even update it until the data is safely backed up. Restoring the phone will delete all data on the device forever.
  2. “The data is not recoverable, so don’t bother trying”. A lot of our clients hear this from other shops or Apple when they are looking for recovery options. There are some cases where data recovery is not possible, but we have recovered important data from many devices that were deemed as “unrecoverable” by other shops.
  3. “If you take it somewhere else they will ruin your phone”. This one has truth to it. There are a lot of shops out there that don’t know what they are doing when it comes to iPhone data recovery. You want to be very careful with who you choose. The fact that you are reading this information means you already know this and are vetting shops. You will find that our reviews reflect that we are an excellent choice for your data recovery project.
  4. “That is easy and you can do it yourself”. This is almost never the case. This advice is usually given by a friend or someone who has limited experience with data recovery scenarios. Some cases are “easy” like when it is just a bad port or the display is bad, but we have seen easy recovery scenarios made into impossible recovery scenarios due to DIY attempts. Exercise extreme caution with your data if it is important to you.

iPhone data recovery cost

Data recovery cost ranges quite a bit due to the complexity of the recovery as well as the shop you end up going with.

  • We believe we are the best option for your iPhone data recovery here at MackTechs. We offer our iPhone 12 mini recovery service for $149 to $499 depending on the issue.
  • Apple does not offer data recovery services. When you submit your device for repair to Apple, you sign a paper that includes a section that permits them to erase the phone during the repair. Do not check your phone into Apple if your data is important.
  • Drivesavers is one of the most common recovery companies that is recommended for iPhone data recovery. From what we have heard from clients they usually quote between $800-4000 for most iPhone data recoveries. We do not recommend them because of the cost and some of the recoveries they were not able to complete we were able to recover at a much lower price.
  • Rossmann Repair Group is a solid choice for data recovery with prices starting at $300 and going up to $650.
  • iPadRehab is another great option with recovery prices from $300-$600.
  • Finally STS Telecom is another great option with prices ranging from $300-800.

At MackTechs, we offer the best value for iPhone 12 mini data recovery with our affordable service.

You do not have to have an appointment to bring your iPhone by our shop. We also offer the repair nationwide via our mail-in service.

iPhone 12 mini Data Recovery Case Study

This iPhone 12 Mini repair came to us through a word-of-mouth referral, highlighting the trust our customers place in our expertise. This case was particularly challenging, involving a device that had suffered significant damage from repeated drops.

The iPhone 12 Mini had been dropped one too many times, resulting in serious breakage at the back of the device. The most pressing issue, however, was that the device would no longer power on, and the customer urgently needed to retrieve data from it.

After disassembling the iPhone and removing the main logic board, we identified a problem directly on the board. This was the first step in a complex diagnosis process.

Diagnosis Challenges: The iPhone 12 Mini features a newer sandwich-style logic board, which requires splitting to perform any detailed work. This complex structure significantly complicates the repair process, making it unsuitable for inexperienced technicians.

Estimated Repair Time: Given the intricacies of the repair, we quoted a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks. Many of our recoveries can be completed faster, but we new this one was going to be more involved than average due to the drop damage causing the short.

Repair Tools and Process

Our repair involved a series of precise steps, using specialized tools.

Disassembly: We carefully opened the iPhone to access the internals.

Logic Board Inspection and Repair: We used a benchtop DC power supply (DCPS), multimeter, hot air station, and a Hakko micro pencil for detailed work on the logic board.

Fault Tracing: Injecting voltage into the battery line revealed current draw before boot-up initiation. We traced the short to a small capacitor that, when removed, restored power to the board.

Recovery Success: While we successfully retrieved the customer’s data, we encountered multiple issues that prevented the iPhone from being restored to full functionality. The 5G antenna was faulty, and a crack in the middle layer of the board (from the drop) caused a ‘no service’ issue.

Final Notes: This repair underscores the complexity of modern smartphone repairs, particularly in data recovery. It highlights the need for professional expertise in handling such intricate issues. Data recovery of this nature is only available at specialized repair shops and is far from an ‘easy fix’. Our advice to customers is always to trust experienced professionals to avoid exacerbating already delicate situations.

Reminder to Customers: If you’re facing similar challenges with your iPhone or any other device, remember that timely intervention by skilled technicians can make a critical difference, especially in data recovery scenarios. Our team at Macktechs is committed to providing the highest level of service, ensuring that even in the most complex cases, your data and device are handled

Repairing the iPhone Issue Yourself

As mentioned earlier, our methods of recovering data from the iPhone 12 mini requires a lot of experience and expertise with micro-soldering. If you are not extremely confident in your micro-soldering skills, we do not recommend attempting this repair on your own. The risk of damaging the device beyond recovery is quite high when doing board-level recovery.

iPhone 12 mini Data Recovery In Philly

Our affordable iPhone 12 mini recovery service is available at our shop here in Philadelphia. We also offer the repair nationwide if you would like to mail your computer in for repair

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