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Apple dropping hardware support for older Macs... What this means for you.

Apple announced they will be reclassifying some Macs from 2010-2013 as vintage as of December 30th, 2018. Effectively terminating support through out the US with the exception of California. This is not an uncommon practice but this raises some questions as how that will affect individuals who own and rely on these computers.

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Welcome to the MackTech's Blog

After more than seven years in business and four and a half years on main street in Manayunk, the Macktechs blog is finally here. We hope the blog will become a valuable resource for all Apple users, especially anybody in the market for an Apple device repair or interested in buying a device. We’ll help you make the right decision so you spend your money wisely on repairs, new, used or refurbished devices, and help keep you stay up to date on the latest news from Apple, as well as all the updates from the repair industry. Finally we want to help extend the life of your Apple devices for as long as possible, and of course provide any tips, tricks or hacks to help you get the most out of your Apple devices.

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