M1 Air Thermal Camera Image

M1 Air CPU Damage

While our success rate with logic board repair is quite high, there are times where logic boards are just not repairable. It seems only fair to highlight one of these cases on our blog, as the scenarios do happen once in a while. We had a MacBook Air brought in that was refusing to power …

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MacBook Air A1466 USB port removed

Liquid Damaged MacBook Air With Smoking USB Port

A local customer recently approached us with a MacBook Air 2015 – A1466 model that had liquid damage and a malfunctioning keyboard. They had searched google for a shop that offers liquid damage repair for MacBook Airs and found us! The MacBook Air 2015 model is a super portable laptop that has been popular since …

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Shorted capacitor on MacBook Pro with no backlight

Macbook Pro Repair Mystery: From a Broken Clutch Cover to a Shorted Backlight Line

A customer recently came into our Philidelphia shop with a booting issue on their Macbook Pro 13″ A2289. This 2020 model MacBook Pro is generally one of the better models with few issues. In this case, the device appeared to be in good overall condition, but was booting up to a blank screen. While the …

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Liquid corrosion present on A2337 2020 M1 MacBook Air Logic board.

2020 M1 MacBook Air Liquid Damage Repair

Recently, we had a customer bring in their (M1) 2020 Macbook Air for repair. They had found us on Google after searching for Mac repair in the Philidelphia area as they were having issues with their device not charging or powering on, with the screen remaining completely blank. We had them bring the computer in …

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