iPhone XR Cracked Back Housing

iPhone XR Important Data Repair

Sometimes there are cases when the iPhone itself may not be worth repairing, but the data on the phone is valuable enough to make recovery necessary. This was one of those cases where the iPhone XR appeared to be in really bad shape coming into the shop, but because the data was important on the …

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iPhone 13 Repair: Quick Turnaround for Cracked Screen and No Power

We see our share of MacBook screens cracked because an iPhone or other smaller device is dropped on them. The classic example is that the MacBook is on the users lap with the display facing up, and the iPhone is dropped onto the open screen and cracks the MacBook. Well this iPhone 13 had a …

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iPhone XR Data Recovery

Liquid Damage iPhone XR Data Recovery

While we are able to recover data from the majority of scenarios, there are some situations where recovery is just not possible. Rather than only discuss the successes we have, we think it is important to highlight some of the repair and recovery attempts that are not successful. Unfortunately, this was the case for a …

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