We Repaired an iPhone 13 with Odd Chemical Smell

A customer came in with an odd issue, their iPhone 13 Pro Max was emitting a chemical smell. The phone would sometimes shut off during use because the battery stopped functioning properly.

The device exhibited physical signs of damage, including a damaged back glass. Our expertise in iPhone repairs allowed us to address these issues promptly and effectively. If you have an iPhone that is in need of repair, we can help!

Device Overview:
The iPhone 13 Pro Max presented with multiple issues, including power fluctuations, audio problems during phone calls, and an unusual chemical smell emanating from the device. These symptoms suggested underlying hardware issues that required a detailed diagnosis.

Initial Assessment:
Upon inspection, it was evident that the iPhone’s housing, frame, battery, and microphone, which was part of the USB charging assembly, were all affected. Additionally, the damaged back glass had cut into the microphone cable and the battery, leading to audio and power-related issues. The smell was coming from the punctured battery, definitely replacing that!

Diagnosis Results:
Our diagnostic process involved thorough testing to isolate the problematic components. The damaged back glass had caused further damage to the wireless charging coil and some flex cables inside the device. These findings underscored the need for a comprehensive repair approach.

Repair Process:

  1. Function Test: We conducted a comprehensive function test to identify and isolate all faulty components.
  2. Screen Removal: Using Apple’s display removal fixture tool, we removed the screen without causing any damage.
  3. Component Replacement: We disassembled the iPhone, replacing the damaged components such as the housing, frame, battery, and microphone.
  4. Cleaning and Inspection: After removing all parts from the original housing, we meticulously cleaned each component to ensure no residual glass or debris remained.
  5. Reassembly and Testing: The iPhone was reassembled into the new housing, with a focus on testing the microphones, battery, and other replaced parts for functionality.

The repair process revealed the extent of the damage caused by the broken back glass, highlighting the importance of using OEM housing replacements for high-quality repairs. Despite the challenges posed by the broken glass, our meticulous approach ensured a successful repair.

Repairing an iPhone with a broken back glass is a meticulous process that demands attention to detail and a lot of patience. It is a very time consuming repair when done correctly. Our commitment to quality repairs ensures that your iPhone 13 Pro Max is repaired properly.