Restoring an Xbox Series X: Distorted Video Repair

Because of our expertise in micro-soldering, we do see a lot of business-to-business repairs. Shops that do not have the capabilities we have will send us devices to fix for their customers. Recently we encountered an Xbox Series X that had gone through a rather unfortunate series of events.

Originally the Xbox was brought into another shop with distorted video, but the device ended up in our hands after an inexperienced technician attempted a repair, resulting in the loss of any video output altogether.

The symptoms were straightforward – the console powered on, but no video signal was detected. We started our diagnostic process, armed with a new HDMI testing tool designed to streamline the identification of issues with the HDMI data lines.

Given its history with another repair shop, we had to meticulously inspect every aspect of the console, including connectors, cables, and the entire logic board. Our experience has taught us the importance of triple-checking these components to prevent overlooking any potential problems that were introduced by the inexperienced technician.

Xbox Logic Board

The HDMI port itself had been installed incorrectly. Our initial hope was that replacing the improperly installed HDMI would be all that was necessary to have a working Xbox again. However, our hopes were dashed when the issue persisted after the HDMI port was properly installed. We then turned to our new HDMI testing tool, which expedited the process of isolating the malfunctioning data line causing the lack of video output.

HDMI Pads Xbox Series X

Following the data line’s trail led us to a visibly cracked booster IC, which had been the true cause of the console’s no video issue. Replacing the faulty IC brought back full video and the console was like new again.

HDMI Tester Tool

The challenge of repairing this Xbox Series X underscored an essential lesson: entrusting the latest generation consoles to inexperienced hands can lead to unforeseen complexities and higher costs. What seemed like a routine repair turned into a specialized undertaking to repair the console.

Xbox Series X HDMI

Our team of trained professionals persevered, and in the end, the Xbox Series X was successfully repaired. The shop we were doing the work for was very pleased we were able to fix the issue and returned it to their client.

If you have a console that needs an HDMI replacement, we can help! Our Xbox and Playstation HDMI replacement services are available locally in Philadelphia as well as nationwide through our mail-in repair service. Just contact us to start the repair process.