Repairing a Cracked Screen on an HP Chrome Book: A Cost-Effective Solution

In this post, we will look at a recent repair involving an HP Chrome Book with a cracked screen. Chrome books are inexpensive devices, so sometimes when you have an issue with one it is cheaper to replace the computer instead of repairing it, but in this case, we were able to fix the device in an economical way.

Cracked screen on Chrome Book

Based on the symptoms, the diagnosis was straightforward: a replacement display assembly was required. However, finding the right replacement part was a challenge. We had to make sure that the replacement display assembly was compatible with the Chrome Book model and that it was not too expensive. We ended up quoting for a used display assembly to help keep the costs low for this repair.

We quoted a 3-5 day turnaround and waited for the replacement display assembly to arrive.

Once the replacement part arrived, the repair process itself was relatively simple. The basic steps involved disassembling the Chrome Book, removing the damaged display assembly, and installing the replacement. Once the repair was complete, we powered on the device and tested the screen. It passed all testing including displaying the expected images and responding to touch.

Repaired screen on Chrome Book

While the diagnosis and repair process may vary depending on the device model and the severity of the damage, the principles of careful handling, attention to detail, and customer communication are essential for a successful outcome. By following these steps, we were able to help our customer get their device back in working order while staying within budget.

If you would like to have us repair your device, give us a call and we can provide a quote. Or bring in your device for our free diagnosis. We also have a mail-in repair service if you are outside of Philadelphia. We repair devices from all over the USA.