Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Cracked Screen Repair

This Galaxy Note 8 was dropped and the glass cracked along the right side of the screen. The phone itself was turning on and working properly, but the glass on the outside of the screen was cracked and needed to be replaced. We see a lot of Galaxy Note 8’s come in for screen repair. We try to keep the screens in stock to allow for quick repair turnaround times, but always call ahead to set up an appointment for this repair to verify part availability. You can see our current pricing for this Galaxy Note 8 screen repair on our Samsung pricing page.

Verifying The Screen Issue

The first step in the repair process is to always verify the reported issue. With issues like cracked glass, the only thing we need to double-check is that the rest of the phone is fully functional before continuing with the repair. Once the phone has been verified as working, we are ready to move on to the repair process. In this case, the customer had been using the phone with the cracked glass for a time, so we were able to easily verify that the cracked glass was the only issue with the Note 8.

Galaxy Note 8 Screen Repair Process

A lot of repair shops will replace just the glass on these phones, or replace the display assembly. The cost may be a bit lower, but then over time the glass starts to separate from the housing and you have to go back to get the display re-installed. Or, the separation of the glass from the housing allows the glass to crack more easily as the glass is not being supported by the frame any longer.

At MackTechs, we replace the display assembly with the frame already installed on the display part. By using the Galaxy Note 8 display assembly with the frame already installed, we basically eliminate the possibility of the frame separating over time. This also helps take care of the problems that come up with slightly bent frames from whatever physical hit caused the screen damage.

The process for the Galaxy Note 8 screen repair:

  1. We start by disassembling the phone from the back.
  2. All parts are removed from the original phone, then transplanted into the new frame with the screen already installed.
  3. The phone is booted up after reassembly and tested for full functionality with the new display assembly.
Screen removed from Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Good as new – Post Repair Photos

As you can see in the pictures this screen replacement makes the phone look as good as new! Our Galaxy Note 8 screen repair service comes with a 1-year warranty. If you compare that warranty time to some of our competitors, you will see that we are very confident in the quality of the parts we use as well as the service we provide.

This particular phone came from a customer that made a 45-minute trip just to bring the phone to us for repair. There were repair shops nearer to the customer’s location, but not ones that offered the same level of quality backed by a long warranty. They had a trusted friend recommend us, so they were willing to make the long drive to get the repair done right the first time.

Fast Turnaround Times

We understand the importance of having a fully working phone nowadays, so we offer super fast turnaround times for our Galaxy screen repairs. This particular repair we were able to complete in under an hour. Just be sure to call ahead and set up an appointment for this repair. Let us know when you contact us that you have a Galaxy Note you need a repair for. We will set aside the part we need for your repair (or special order it) and get the service done for you as quickly as possible.

DIY Note 8 Screen Repair

This repair is not a particularly difficult repair, but it would be considered an intermediate-level repair. There are a few cables and components that are easy to break during the disassembling of the phone, so you should be comfortable working on small electronics and set aside 3-4 hours for the repair so you can take your time. Pay special attention to the fingerprint scanner cable, use best practice methods when removing the battery, and be sure to work the antenna cables off carefully so they don’t break off the board or pull off the cable.

If you have not worked on small electronics before, or if you don’t have the time to spend attempting a repair, bring it to us for service! We have completed repairs on hundreds of these devices, so we are pros at getting your Galaxy Note repaired quickly.

Our Affordable Galaxy Note Repair Service

We offer affordable Galaxy Note screen repairs with a 1-year warranty. By using the display assembly including the frame as a single part we eliminate the common issue of the screen pulling away from the frame after repair. Be sure to contact us to set up an appointment if you need your Galaxy Note repaired, we look forward to helping you get your device back up and running!