Samsung Galaxy S10 Charge Port Replacement

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a charge port that is soldered onto the logic board. Some of the previous models in the Galaxy family had a flex cable that included the charging port, and that flex cable could be replaced without any soldering skills.

With the S10, it is necessary to disassemble the phone and remove the logic board for the charging port replacement service. There are a few components close by on the logic board, so it is important to be very careful when completing this charge port replacement service.

Galaxy S10 Charge Port Repair Options

If the charge port on your Galaxy S10 does not seem to be working properly, there are a few things to attempt while troubleshooting the charging issue.

  1. The first item to try is a different power cable. Cables can fail and are sometimes the culprit of a phone not charging properly. Be sure when you test with a different cable that you use a different power source as well, just to check both items at the same time.
  2. If you have good eyesight or a jeweler’s loop handy, you can visually check to see if any of the pins are bent or damaged in the phone. If you see any damage like pins that are bent, that is likely the cause of the charging issues.
  3. If the port looks good, check if the port is clean of dust and debris. Using a thin brush to carefully remove any compacted dust or debris from the port is a good first step. You can buy charge port cleaning brushes to help make the process safe and easy. You need to be very careful to not damage the pins of the charging port while attempting to clean it out.
  4. If the port is still not working, it is time to get a professional involved to verify the issue and likely replace a faulty charging port.

The Cost Of Replacing The Charge Port

Because the charging port is soldered onto the logic board and requires the phone to be completely disassembled and the logic board pulled to complete the repair, the repair is a little more expensive than on other devices.

The cost to replace the charging port on a Galaxy S10 is $99. This covers the part and the labor for the mico soldering job. Our charging port repair is covered under warranty for 1 year.

You can always check to see if your phone is under some kind of warranty that covers the problem. Usually, warranties do not cover damage on the charging port as that would be considered to be user damage, but some do! Do be wary of the big refurbishing and resale companies as sometimes the work is not exactly up to par as you will see with our case study below.

Intermittent Charging on Galaxy S10 – Case Study

This particular Samsung Galaxy S10 came to us from a customer here in Philly. They reported that the phone had stopped charging after only working with the charging cable plugged in a certain way for a while. Once the phone was dropped off we started with our diagnosis.

The charging port itself looked really good. No damage to the pins, no compacted dust or debris. Normally there is some visible damage that causes the charging to not work, but in this case, we verified the charging port was the issue even though there were no signs of damage inside the port itself.

The client approved the charge port repair service, so we continued with disassembling the phone and pulling the logic board for repair. Once the board was out we saw the problem, the charging port had not been installed flush as it should be. This had caused the pins to come up off the board and stop the charging from happening.

The customer reported that this phone had been refurbished by one of the big carriers, but the techs doing the work obviously did not finish the job properly. This is one of the reasons we recommend going to a local repair shop that has good customer reviews and experienced technicians. We care to get the repair right the first time.

We continued with replacing the charging port and installed it completely and correctly. We use OEM charging ports and we try to keep them in stock for a quick repair turnaround time. After reassembling the phone we were able to test it and found it to be working perfectly! In this particular case, we had the repair complete about 3 hours after drop-off.

 In order to provide this repair service we utilized the following special equipment:

  • Hakko Soldering Station
  • Micro Solder Pencil
  • Quick 867DW Hot Air Station

In order to complete this repair, you have to have good micro soldering skills. There are a couple of other small components very close by on the logic board, so you have to be careful to not damage those during the repair.

Repairing the Galaxy S10 Charge Port Yourself

As mentioned earlier, replacing the charging port requires experience and expertise with micro soldering. If you are not very confident in your micro soldering skills, we do not recommend attempting this repair on your own. It can be very frustrating as the soldering points are very small and very close together. 

If you do have micro soldering skills, this is a great repair to complete yourself! You can find the charging port on websites like iFixit. Just be sure to be really careful of those components surrounding the charge port. And be sure to get it securely installed as charging ports get a lot of use.

Samsung Galaxy Repair In Philly

Our affordable Galaxy S10 repair service is available at our shop here in Philadelphia. We also offer the repair nationwide if you would like to mail your phone in for repair. 

Our fast turnaround and component-level repair options make us the best choice for Galaxy repair services. You can come by anytime with your Samsung Galaxy for a free diagnosis, or you contact us for a quote via email or over the phone on what you need to be fixed.