Fast Screen Repair for A2197 iPad 7th Gen

The 7th Generation iPad (model numbers A2197, A2198, and A2200), can easily experience a cracked or broken screen. In this article, we will cover the repair process for the A2197 iPad and share a recent repair success story that highlights our fast and efficient repair services.

A2197 iPad Screen Repair Cost

The A2197 is the model number for the 7th Generation iPad. There are two other models that use the same glass and LCD panel that are also the 7th Generation iPad: A2198 and A2200.

The price to repair the Glass on the iPad 7th Generation model is $160 +tax.

The price to repair the Glass and the LCD panel on the iPad 7th Generation model is $235 +tax.

What part is needed for repair

Screen repairs on iPads are usually one of two scenarios.

  1. The glass is cracked or broken, but the image on the display is still fully functional. Usually, you can still use the iPad, but it looks like it has a cracked windshield, and sometimes the touch functions don’t work completely. In cases like this, you just need the glass digitizer replaced.
  2. The second scenario is when the glass is cracked, and the display is not working properly. That usually means there are lines, blotches, or other issues with the display. In cases like this, you need to have the LCD panel replaced as well as the glass digitizer replaced.

Our Repair Process

We offer our iPad screen repair locally in Philadelphia, as well as nationwide through our mail-in repair service.

If you are local to us, you can come by (no appointment necessary), and we will diagnose the issue with your iPad free of charge. If you decide to move forward with the repair, we will complete the repair as quickly as possible and let you know when it is ready for pickup.

If you are outside our local area but would like to have us repair your iPad, you just fill out our iPad mail-in form to start. We will reply with instructions for shipping the computer in and answer any questions you might have.

A Recent iPad 7 Repair Story

At our repair center, we pride ourselves on our fast and efficient iPad repair services. Recently, a local Philly customer contacted us after finding us on Instagram. Their iPad 7th Generation screen was completely smashed. This A2197 iPad was being used as a point-of-sale system for a restaurant, so time was of the essence. They asked how quickly we could get the repair done, and we said to bring it by and we would have it fixed for them within 2 hours.

Cracked glass on A2197 iPad 7

Upon receiving the iPad, we quickly diagnosed the issue and assessed the damage. We knew that we needed to act fast to get this device back to the customer as soon as possible, so we started removing the glass and prepared to correct the bend that was caused during the damage.

This iPad screen repair process is relatively straightforward for us. We heat the iPad on a heat plate to allow the glass to be more easily removed, remove the damaged glass, clean the frame, and install the new glass. We use high-quality replacement glass and digitizers to ensure the repair was of the highest standard. This iPad had a slight bend near the middle on the left side that needed to be corrected as well.

A2197 iPad 7 Cracked Screen

Despite this unexpected bend, we were still able to complete the repair within the quoted two-hour timeframe. The customer was delighted with our fast and efficient service, and they were able to get their point-of-sale system back up and running in no time.

A2197 iPad 7 Repaired Screen

We understand the importance of fast and reliable service, especially when a device you use daily needs repaired. Our customers rely on their devices for work, communication, and entertainment, and we strive to provide them with the fastest and most efficient service possible.

Questions about our iPad repair services?

You can contact us with any questions you have about our services. We are happy to provide quotes over the phone or via email/text. Just contact us with any questions or stop by our shop! We look forward to helping you.