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Certified Refurbished

Mack Techs Certified Refurbished Device Guarantee

Every device we label ‘refurbished’ goes through rigorous testing to ensure full functionality. W

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Buy a refurbished iPhone, iPad or Mac from MackTechs and save a bunch of cash on a fully-functioning, issue-free iPhone, iPad or Mac. Our experience with Apple devices guarantees you a great buying experience. We understand these devices from the inside out and ensure all the devices we sell are of the highest quality. You can feel good buying from MackTechs since each device sold comes with a minimum six month warranty and tech support.

MackTechs Refurbished Device Warranty & Tech Support

Device selection
Only the highest quality devices are selected to be refurbished, tested and resold.

Screen, Battery and Aluminum Housing
Every iPhone we sell is sold with a brand new battery to ensure full functionality of your new device. Screens are replaced on iPhones and iPads if there are any visible scratches, yellowing or any other imperfections. When it comes to aesthetics we like to ensure that the aluminum housing has only minimal visible rub marks or scratches. Any aluminum housing with deep scratches, rub marks or bends will be replaced with a brand new or like-new housing.

32-Point Test
Before any of our devices ever go up for sale they are put through the most rigorous hardware tests possible. We meticulously test each and every single function of the device. This ensures full functionality, connectivity and device responsiveness.

Tech Support
Our Tech support starts before you even purchase the device. We don’t simply sell you a device and send you on your way. Instead one of our technicians will back up the data on your old device and restore it to your new or refurbished device so you can start using your new iPhone, iPad or Mac immediately with little or no down time. We will even swap your SIM card and have you up and running on your new device before you walk out of our store. We can even help you get comfortable with your new device if necessary and show how to set up and navigate your new iPhone, iPad or Mac to get the most out of it.

Hardware Warranty
All refurbished devices sold by MackTechs are covered under our all-inclusive hardware warranty, guaranteeing a fully functioning device, with no hardware defects or failures. Devices priced under $500 are covered by a 6 month warranty, while devices sold for $500 or more are under warranty for 1 full year. If you experience any functionality issues not caused by accidental damage, MackTechs will provide repair or replacement at no cost to you during the duration of your devices warranty.