Battery Replacement for MacBook Pro 2020

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2020 MacBook Pro Initial Complaint and Symptoms

The customer reported significant issues with their MacBook Pro’s battery performance. According to them, the device would charge very slowly and the battery life was alarmingly short, lasting just over an hour on a full charge. Despite attempting various troubleshooting steps, they couldn’t resolve the issue and sought our professional help to diagnose and repair the problem.

Diagnosis Process

We approached the diagnosis systematically to ensure a thorough assessment:

  1. System Information Utility Check:
  • We first accessed the MacBook Pro’s System Information utility to check the battery health status. This built-in tool often provides an initial indication of battery issues by showing parameters like cycle count, maximum capacity, and health status.
  1. Coconut Battery Application:
  • To corroborate the findings from the system utility, we used Coconut Battery, a specialized application that provides detailed insights into the battery’s condition. This step helps us compare and confirm the data to rule out any software anomalies.
  1. Visual Inspection:
  • Finally, we conducted a visual inspection of the battery. We looked for physical signs of battery failure, such as swelling, leakage, or unusual odors. These signs can indicate severe battery issues that might not be fully captured by software diagnostics.

Diagnosis Results

Through our comprehensive diagnosis, we confirmed that the battery needed to be replaced. The MacBook Pro’s system indicated a “Service Recommended” status for the battery, aligning with the symptoms described by the customer and our observations.

Quoted Turnaround Time

Given the nature of the repair, we quoted a turnaround time of 2 hours. This estimate considered both the complexity of the battery replacement and our commitment to performing a meticulous job.

Tools and Parts Used

  • Micro driver kit
  • Multimeter
  • Heat plate
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Adhesive cutting tool
  • Replacement battery for MacBook Pro 2020

Detailed Repair Steps

The battery replacement process for a MacBook Pro 2020 involves several precise and careful steps:

Disassembling the MacBook Pro:

We began by carefully removing the bottom plate of the MacBook Pro to access the internal components. This step requires precision to avoid damaging any internal parts.

Disconnecting the Battery:
  • We unscrewed the battery screws and disconnected the battery management cable from the main logic board. Additionally, we disconnected the trackpad cable to ensure complete isolation of the battery for safe removal.
Loosening the Adhesive:
  • The battery in a MacBook Pro is secured with strong adhesive. To loosen this, we placed the device on a heat plate, which helps soften the adhesive. Then, we applied isopropyl alcohol and used an adhesive cutting tool to carefully detach the battery without damaging the aluminum housing or surrounding components.
Removing and Cleaning:
  • Once the battery was detached, we meticulously cleaned all adhesive residues from the MacBook Pro’s interior. This step is crucial to ensure that the new battery can be securely installed without any old adhesive interfering.

Installing the New Battery:

  • We aligned the new battery in the designated space, carefully positioning each cell. Testing the battery’s connection before final installation ensures that it is functioning correctly. We then set the battery in place, adhering it securely.

Reassembling the MacBook Pro:

  • After verifying that the new battery was installed correctly and functioning, we reassembled the MacBook Pro. This involved reconnecting the trackpad cable, battery management cable, and securely fastening the bottom plate.

Testing and Final Checks

Post-installation, we conducted extensive testing to ensure the new battery was performing optimally. This included checking the charging and discharging cycles and verifying that the system recognized the new battery without any issues. Ensuring everything was in perfect order was our top priority before returning the device to the customer.

During the repair, we noticed a significant accumulation of dust and debris inside the MacBook Pro. This level of contamination can contribute to premature battery failure by causing overheating and other issues. Although the MacBook Pro 2020 is relatively new, environmental factors like dust can accelerate wear and tear.

Customer Satisfaction and Final Notes

We were able to replace the faulty battery quickly and efficiently, much to the customer’s relief. They were particularly pleased with our thoroughness and the additional insights we provided about maintaining their device. We also informed them that, under typical usage, MacBook batteries generally last around three years before noticeable degradation occurs. Devices with lighter use can have longer battery life.

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Symptoms of Mac Battery Issue

Given how essential your MacBook battery is for maintaining its performance and portability, it’s vital to recognize the signs of a failing battery. Symptoms such as an unexpected drop in battery life, sudden shutdowns, or overheating can all point to underlying battery problems.

However, many of these symptoms can overlap with other hardware or software issues. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore some of the most common signs of a failing battery in Macs. If you notice any of these symptoms, we recommend bringing your device in for a free diagnosis.

Rapid Battery Drain

One of the most noticeable signs of a failing battery is a significant decrease in battery life. Your MacBook may no longer hold a charge as long as it once did, resulting in the need for more frequent recharging.

Random Shutdowns

Your MacBook may shut down unexpectedly, even when the battery indicator shows that there is still charge remaining. This sudden shutdown is a clear sign of a potential battery issue.

Performance Degradation

Slowdowns, lag, and poor system performance can often be attributed to a malfunctioning battery. This issue becomes particularly noticeable when the MacBook needs to be constantly connected to a power source to function properly.

Inaccurate Battery Percentage

The battery percentage displayed may not accurately reflect the actual charge level. It might show a high percentage, but the laptop shuts down unexpectedly.


A malfunctioning battery can lead to increased heat generation in your Mac. You might notice that the device becomes unusually hot even during light usage.

Swelling of the Battery

In severe cases, a malfunctioning battery may physically swell, causing the laptop case to bulge. This is a dangerous situation that requires immediate attention.

Battery Health Warning

macOS offers a Battery Health feature that can alert users if their battery is in poor condition, often suggesting a replacement is needed.

Inability to Power On

If the battery is critically damaged, the Mac might not power on at all, even when connected to a power source.

Charging Irregularities

Users may experience irregularities during the charging process, such as the battery not charging even when connected to a power source, intermittent charging, or sudden drops in charge percentage during the charging cycle.

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