Fast 2015 MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Service

If your Mac’s battery seems to be lasting less time than usual, you are definitely not alone. We see Mac computers with failing batteries almost daily. We are pleased to be able to offer fast MacBook Pro battery replacement services in our Philly shop. As with many of our services, we offer component-level repair which means we don’t replace any parts that don’t need to be replaced.

Sometimes your battery may not be lasting as long as it should because of a different issue with your computer, during our free diagnosis we will verify that the battery is indeed failing before we recommend replacement. There are some software-based issues that can make your computer not last long on battery power, as well as usage scenarios that require a lot of power. We can verify the health of the battery itself and make recommendations on how to proceed.

MacBook Battery Replacement

The Retina MacBook Pro line has batteries that are installed into the top case of the computer using very strong adhesive tape. The tape makes replacement pretty difficult. In order to safely remove the battery from the computer, you remove the entire logic board and speaker assembly first. The repair is difficult enough that Apple does not offer just battery replacement on these models. They only offer top case replacement which comes with a new or refurbished battery.

We are able to use a fluid that dissolves the adhesive under the battery. You must be very, very careful during the procedure so that the fluid does not come into contact with the trackpad that the battery is sitting on top of. Once the adhesive is loose you can remove the old battery and install the new one. But first, you must make sure all the fluid is cleaned up so it doesn’t cause issues with the new adhesive you are using to install the new battery.

13 inch Macbook Pro with swollen battery next to new battery waiting to be installed.

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Cost

The price varies based on the model of the computer, but the cost to replace a Retina MacBook Pro battery is $150-200. If you would like an exact quote, just contact us with the serial number from the bottom of your computer and we can verify the cost of replacing the battery for your particular computer.

By offering the service of replacing just the battery, rather than replacing the entire top case, we are able to provide an affordable battery replacement service that is completed faster than most repair shops.

2015 MacBook Pro Diagnosis Results

This particular MacBook Pro came in from a return client here in Philidelphia. They let us know the computer would only run when plugged into the wall, even though the battery reported that it was charged. We checked the battery condition and saw that it was degraded and required replacement.

There is a built-in diagnosis feature in these MacBook Pros that you can check to see if your battery needs servicing. All you have to do is hold down the option key on your keyboard, and click the battery indicator at the top right of your screen. The condition will be listed as either “normal” or “service recommended”. Some older operating systems include a few more conditions including “replace soon” and “replace now”.

  • Normal – This means that the battery is functioning normally according to the built-in tests. There can still be issues with a battery that is reporting its condition as normal, but it is pretty rare.
  • Service Recommended – This means your battery is not lasting as long as it should or has another issue.
  • Replace Soon – The operating systems that included this condition are just stating that the battery is not lasting as long as it should or the cycle count is high.
  • Replace Now – The older operating systems that included this condition were letting you know that a fault had been recognized in the battery and it may cause intermittent shutdowns or other issues. It can also mean that the battery doesn’t very long at all and has been consumed.

If your computer has the “normal” condition but you suspect you have an issue with your battery, bring your computer in and we can complete a free diagnosis to verify what is causing the issues.

The pictures below show the health information as reported under the system profiler. You can reach this view by holding down the option key on your keyboard, clicking on the Apple on the top left of your screen, and selecting “System Information” in the menu. Once the system information program opens, select power from the list on the left-hand side.

Swollen MacBook Pro Batteries

Batteries that don’t last as long as they should aren’t the only issue we see. As the Retina MacBook Pros age, we are seeing more and more swollen batteries. If you notice your trackpad is not clicking like it used to, or worse, it appears visibly bulging, this is likely an issue with the battery starting to expand.

Our clients have described what they noticed on their computers when a swollen battery ended up being the issue. These issues could be something other than a bulging battery, but if you have any of the symptoms listed below it would be a good idea to have the battery checked on your computer:

  • Difficulty clicking with the trackpad. Often times it is described as having to push the trackpad down hard in order to get it to click.
  • The computer does not sit flat on a table but rather wobbles a bit. Or it could sit crooked to one side.
  • The trackpad is being lifted up and no longer sits flush with the top case.
  • There is a bulge under the palm rest area.

If you suspect your MacBook Pro has a swollen battery, it is best to discharge it completely and not charge it again. Bring the MacBook Pro in for battery replacement or a free diagnosis as soon as possible.

DIY Battery Replacement For Retina MacBook Pro

Because of the way the batteries are installed into these Retina MacBook Pros, we don’t recommend taking the project on yourself unless you are confident working around electronics and batteries in particular. Removing the entire logic board and speaker assembles is especially important if you are going to attempt this repair yourself so the fluid used to remove the old battery doesn’t come into contact with the expensive logic board.

You also want to remember that it is extremely important to not puncture the battery. Even with the battery discharged it can still cause a lot of damage. You also want to make sure you have a bucket of sand or other material that can be used to pour over a fire in case the battery does get punctured.

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement In Philly

Our affordable MacBook Pro battery replacement services are available at our shop here in Philadelphia. Our fast turnaround and component-level repair options make us the best choice for MacBook Pro battery service. You can come by anytime for a free diagnosis, or you contact us for a quote over the phone on a battery replacement.